soul care. liberation. legacy work.

I experience it as an embodied commitment to live in deeper alignment with inner spirit — tending to what holds heart + meaning, trusting our guiding wisdom + moving from the core of our who-ness toward our call + purpose.

I practice it as an exploration of personal + collective paths of healing, transformation + liberation that reflect our commitment to a praxis of radical surrendering + rebirthingdeschooling + dismantling, relanguaging + resisting inherited/internalized cultural messaging that threatens our capacity to live into our spiritual fullness.

I live into it with an understanding that we are blueprinting our legacy daily with every prayer, invocation + action.

I offer it as an invitation for faithful seekers to re/imagine radical ways to develop spiritual courage, resilience + soundness through holy curiosity, self-inquiry + skillful discernment.


Ancestor-guided. Liberation-minded. Black Womanist Curator of Sacred Space. Read more