Spirit is my first language. A mother tongue of awe and wonder, silence and solitude, contemplation and query, intuition and insight, mysticism and magic, alchemy and nature.

This sacred call and response opened roads wide and guided me into deep explorations of spiritual wisdoms from many traditions. Listening. Trusting. Attuning my ears to Spirit’s whispers and shouts, I walk steadfastly along a narrowing path with head and heart aligned to the rhythms of nature.

I keep sabbath by the full and change of the moon, ritualize rest and reflection, and honor the spiritual practices of my ancestral and cultural lineages.

Black Holy + Free

I have outgrown titles and shed roles over the years. But who I am — who I will always be — is Black, Holy + Free: Ancestor-guided. Liberation-minded. Black Womanist. Contemplative Soul.

It is from my who-ness that I curate sacred spaces dedicated to justice, liberation and healing practices — whether in private rituals, spiritual direction sessions, or communal gatherings.

I am an experienced meditation teacher, facilitator, Diaspora Death Doula and the former founder of a contemplative community. Learn more about my healing justice project, radical bodhicitta, and my work at The Firecracker Foundation.

tara scott-miller | tscottmiller17@outlook.com

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