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an invitation to reimagine

I’m receiving these reframings from Benjamin Henretig as a beautiful invitation to ground and support us in tending to our fears, anxiety and grief. May we find some peace, release (cry, scream, move energy through our bodies), relief, rest and wellness through this madness. 🙏🏾💜   Image Description: A list with the heading “Five CreativeContinue reading “an invitation to reimagine”

the spaces in our togetherness

It’s the second day of Spring, friends! Under ordinary conditions,we’d be inspired into all manner of group outings and activities. But we’re now 7+ days into our collective practice ofsocial/physical distancing to flatten the curve of this new virus,which has demanded a change in how we connectand created a SURGE in our virtual communications. TheseContinue reading “the spaces in our togetherness”

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