enhancing your practice experience

Finish your meals at least 2 hours before practicing.  If you must eat before class, choose a light snack that is easily digestible such as crackers, a granola bar, fruit or even chips.  Protein and fat-based foods like nuts, meat or cheese are best enjoyed after class!

Honor your practice: Arrive at least 10 minutes early, if possible.  Allow yourself enough time to change clothes, ask questions, settle in and open up to the practice.  This will surely improve your ability to tune out the world and tune into the meditative space of yoga.

Not Too Tight, Not Too Loose! Select t-shirts, shorts, or athletic pants that are comfortable to wear and will not restrict your movement.  The appropriate attire will also allow the yoga teacher to check for the proper alignment of your bones.

Honor your body’s wisdom: The natural range of motion of your joints, the strength and flexibility of your muscles, and your overall sense of health each time you come to practice.  Take care of yourself!  Do not hesitate to tell me (or any instructor) about special needs/restrictions or any pain or illness you may be experiencing whether before, during or after class.  As your teacher, I may offer alternative poses to accommodate you or simply direct you to take a rest! Remember: Meaningful movement (such as yoga) is essential to well-being. But not every activity/pose/movement is suitable for every body! Choose whatever makes you feel nourished and inspired to keep moving.

Be curious! This is your experience to co-create, so feel free to ask questions about things you do not understand or are interested in learning more about! I may not immediately have the answers but will assist you in finding them. Read: Learning Together: Teaching as a Collaboration.