inviting mindfulness

Inviting Mindfulness is a workshop series that takes a simple, “mellow out” approach to the practice of meditation: steady body, steady breath, steady mind. Practitioners will be introduced to foundational practices in mindfulness to awaken self-compassion and skillful understanding of the relationship between body, breath, mind and environment. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced practitioner, we’ll explore ways to practice with “fresh eyes” in order to invite and sustain wholehearted effort and a vivid sense of well-being.

Each 2-hour workshop will include:

Movement Gentle, restorative poses to ease tension and prepare the body, heart and mind for meditation. Four Noble Postures of Meditation ~ our bodies, moods, circumstances and well-being may be different every day and, for numerous reasons, a seated posture may not always be the best option for everyone. Discover how to cultivate your practice in those moments when you need it most–whether walking, standing or lying down.

Mindfulness — The skill of observing body, breath, and mind with moment-to-moment, compassionate, non-judgmental, non-reactive awareness. The art of infusing this compassionate practice of skillfulness and self-understanding throughout all aspects of life.

Meditation — Breath awareness and relaxation techniques to gently and gradually develop steady, relaxed attention. The practice of developing and nourishing steadiness and ease in body, breath, and mind when walking, standing, sitting, lying down and the art of skillfully applying this wisdom to living!

Bring a notebook — discussion and observational journaling will support the practice.

Series 1 | Beginning Anew

Introduces the teachings of mindfulness based on the tradition of Zen Buddhism. No matter your philosophy or faith, these universal principles transcend the temple and meditation hall — helping us to awaken our commitment to self-study and to cultivate loving awareness of our bodies, thoughts, emotions, experiences and all that arises in our lives.

Series 2 | The Heart at Rest

Give yourself the gift of time and space to unravel and rest, to cradle your heart, to listen deeply, breathe freely, see yourself clearly with eyes of compassion. Experience deep relaxation through an embodied meditation that invites restoration, renewal, and reconciliation.

Series 3 | Reconciling With The Body

This is an invitation to inhabit your body with full awareness! To learn to take care of your “inner critic” and to cultivate the voice of self-compassion while nurturing ourselves through injury, illness and the ever-present changes of our bodies. To embrace its realities and to tend to the aging, changing body. To discover physical activities that are meaningful and nourishing and make you feel strong, healthy, capable, full of joy — absolutely alive! To reflect on how you move through a room, a situation, a day…your one and only life!


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