mutual care | sharing sacred space

As the facilitator and curator of our sacred space, I will do what is within my capacity to honor requests for accommodations and invite all practitioners to do the same by contributing to just, sustainable and creative solutions whenever we encounter an obstacle or limitation in accommodating such requests. Likewise, for those in need of accommodations, I ask for patience and understanding of various factors that may hinder my capacity to fully or swiftly fulfill requests for accommodations.

  • Environmental Accessibility  — Please read the statement below about sharing sacred space with practitioners (including myself) who have allergies, asthma and chemical sensitivities. 
  • Structural Accessiblity — Although Heartdance Studio is wheelchair accessible (entryway and bathroom), bear in mind that it was designed to be and is primarily used as a movement and dance space. For our meditation practice, there are chairs, cushions, blankets and two meditation benches available. All are encouraged to bring whatever “sit-upon” will best support their stability and ease. Practitioners are invited to sit or lie down, and to freely tend to their bodies as needed throughout the session.

In a commitment to accessibility and practicing mutual care, please be mindful of the potential allergies, asthma, and chemical sensitivities of all practitioners sharing our sacred space.

While it may not be possible to be entirely scent-free,* practitioners are encouraged, to the best of their ability, to minimize the use of fragrances and heavily-scented chemicals (including nicotine) prior to attending any group or private practices.

Pet owners and practitioners with service animals are encouraged, to the best of their ability, to minimize the impact of pet dander allergens by removing pet hair from clothing and bathing/brushing service animals prior to attending any group or private practices.


*Here we are invited to consider potential cultural practices and socioeconomic factors as well as the necessity for some to use essential oils as natural health remedies.