HEAR HERE [for deep listening]: Ann Hamilton + On Being With Krista Tippett

AH: A friend of mine who’s a wonderful poet, Susan Stewart, said that hearing is how we touch at a distance.  Isn’t that beautiful?

…But I think that’s also how, like, how I start projects is, in some ways, just to try to listen.

And what is the form of that listening for what something needs to become?

Or to find the question.  Or, you know, listening is obviously a very specific thing in a conversation, but also as a practice, for me, because I respond to spaces, the first architecture maybe is the coat.  But then the next one is this building around us.  And, the felt quality of that already has all this, as you say, information in it.  And so it’s like what is it that is here that maybe asks a question or that can be brought forward.

KT: You’re listening to the space…I also think listening is something we really have to practice, because our everyday spaces are not set up for listening.

HEAR HERE [for deep listening]: Making, and the Spaces We Share

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