embodied practice: the gift of time and space


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  1. dhamma mama says:

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    I’m giddy! I’ve declared this month my winter refuge (my second “sabbatical” of the year) so that I may live and practice in attunement with the seasons.

    Night falls early and the wind cuts deep. Conditions that call for steaming bowls of soup or stew, fuzzy socks, and long cuddles in bed with the kiddo while reading books and watching (way too much) Transformers! For years, I’ve gone against my instinct to burrow in order to share the gifts of yoga. But, as I assure my students who apologize profusely for missing class due to weather, I dread leaving the house after dinner on treacherous roads as much as they do. Long past time to listen to my heart and body, I am giving myself the gifts of time and space that I endlessly encourage others to cultivate in their practice of self-care and self-compassion.

    And, in this hectic cluster-bomb of (corporatized) holidays, what gifts can be more precious than the space to rest and breathe and the time to allow insight and wonder to emerge? No money, shiny paper and bows, reindeer, or even holidays required!

    Here’s to mindfulness over madness! And all the magic that will ensue…


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