spirit. human. black woman.

V shared a personal revelation —

spirit. human. black woman.2

she had come into an awareness of
her magnitude and design as a

black + woman

in that precise order.

how necessary to acknowledge
being so much bigger than this body
and to cherish the fleeting human life span

of a woman
of hue and shape
of undeniable origins 

giving refuge and expression to
a boundless and indestructible force.

to celebrate her blackness —
a unique dna of history, culture, biology, and expression

is to nourish her body —
mindful of its resilience and fragility
its cycle of consuming, creating, destroying, releasing, renewing

is to honor the spirit —
a source of radiance, wisdom, compassion
empowering a life with purpose

[january 2014]


To me, the connection V made is a powerful act of reconciliation. Since our gathering, I’ve sat in the energy of her statement.
My translation fuses what I heard and received that night with what I have experienced in my own journey of reconciliation

I wrote this last year following a special mindfulness practice I designed for women of color to cultivate refuge in a safe, sacred space where we could see our lives in full scope, colour, and lustre and begin to integrate and embody the skills/virtues of wholeheartedness. Now, I’ll be extending this exploration within my cushion-to-community program, Toward Wholeness.

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