move like a goddess

move like a goddess

the invitation to move like a goddess is to inhabit your body
with full awareness.

to embrace its realities.

to tend to it in sickness and health!

to find physical activities that are meaningful and nourishing.

that don’t feel like drudgery or punishment.

that make you feel strong, healthy, capable, full of joy —
absolutely alive!

it is also an invitation to reflect on how we move through
a room, a situation, a day…our one and only life.

with head held high? with heart wide open?

grounded. centered. connected.

Awakening The Goddess : A Day of Refuge for Radical Self-Care
~ co-hosted by 3 Jewels Yoga + Sybil’s Healthy Way ~

Sunday, 19 July 2015 | 12 – 4 pm

REGISTER NOW at Sybil’s Healthy Way!

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