Navigating Faith Based Differences

The Navigating Faith discussion continues here! #FromCushionToCommunity

Spartans Helping Spartans

It’s no secret that the world is a complex place and that it’s getting smaller every day as the pace of technology brings us closer to new ideas, new people, and new problems (and solutions) that a decade ago would have seemed impossible. In order to function in a globally-connected world, we need new skills and we need them fast! To begin with, we need new ways of being able to understand one another, to collaborate, and to innovate.

In an effort to promote cross-cultural awareness, the MSU Alumni LENS team hosted a panel of spiritual leaders from diverse backgrounds to discuss the topic of navigating faith based differences in personal and professional settings. The event was held on 03/24/205 and proved to be as entertaining as it was enlightening! (You can watch a recording of the Livestream here.)

Unfortunately, we ran out of time before all of the questions that were…

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