Walking into Myself is a Beautiful Disrobing

A beautiful reflection from my sweet soul-sista! #WinterImmersion #GoodSpiritualFriends

“It’s a sincere act of love. It is a replenishing. A soft, quiet reciprocation.” ~ Vio



It’s going only on two weeks since my sister friend and I journeyed into the woods of Michigan and embarked on our Winter Immersion Healing Retreat. We were held in the beauty of unpredictable snow, sheltered by a well-heated hermitage. We were charged up by the thoughtful welcoming of the owners and how they curated a sense of peacefulness in an eco-friendly environment. We had a fantastic time, so many of those details will be reserved for us and Spirit. But, what I will share is that this weather-tested trip was a reminder to take a second look at home and at the distance needed to experience travel.

Many times, we think travel requires huge amounts of planning, a large budget, excessive luggage, and a choice between the window or aisle seat (given that most of us hate the middle seat!). However, traveling can be something we do…

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