Hear Here [for deep listening]: beyond our greatest hopes | holly maakima

My friend Holly Maakima surprised me back in May with a simple note saying, that as she prepared to give a spiritual talk later that day, she would be holding me up as an example of someone who gives her hope.  Heart flooding. Tears welling. I breathed her blessing in deeply.

It was a stunning, divinely-timed affirmation that arrived when I most needed to be reminded that my endeavors — personally and professionally — to be a good spiritual friend were purposeful and impactful. My moment of doubt was silenced; questions were answered. Clarity and hopefulness blossomed, and I was reinvigorated to keep nourishing my aspirations.

I am so thankful to have companions who plant and water seeds of love, inspiration, kindness, hope and trust in my life.  It is the sustenance of healthy, trusting relationships. We feed and empower one another to be our authentic selves, giving guidance and support along the way.

A spiritual teacher and writer, Holly recently shared the recording of that talk at Fellowship for Today, so I’m spreading this loving message of hope near, far and wide! Hear Here: Beyond Our Greatest Hopes (http://www.fellowshipfortoday.org/files/sound/holly-makimaa-beyond-our-greatest-hopes-051715.mp3)