Zen(x)Mas: Our Very First Family Holiday Card

Happy Zen(x)Mas + Buddhist Blessings!
My dhamma4mama view of the season…

dhamma for mama*


No tree. No lights.
No wrapping paper or gifts (from mom or dad, at least).
No Santa.
And, this year, no snow…

Which is, as my 4 year-old son declared to his dad this morning, the sole factor dictating whether this “quintessential” winter holiday can happen (especially for us Michigan natives): “It’s not Christmas because it’s not snowing!”


The Zen(x)Mas Way

“Buddhist Blessings + Merry Christmas!” My sister, in all her silliness, affected a sacchrine, almost-pious, and breathy tone when I answered her call this morning. (I could tell she’d been cackling to herself while rehearsing this greeting in her twisted head.) We immediately burst into laughter!

Our families know that we are staunchily against the holiday madness that often prevails in the seemingly endless weeks between Thanksgiving and New Years. We’ll watch the holiday-themed movies and generate some cheer over food and drinks in the company of loved ones…

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#music for #mindfulness in times of #madness: all is full of love

this has become a beloved + enduring mantra for me on any occasion
but especially when life feels off-kilter…