for clear-seeing: “Love Your Body” | NOW Magazine

Tiq Milan + Kim Katrin Milan | NOW Toronto Magazine (Jan 2016)


In this season of resolution-making, NOW Toronto Magazine’s LOVE YOUR BODY issue cuts through the cacophony of guilt-and-shame-inducing messages with a photo-essay project featuring folks of different abilities, shapes, ethnicities, gender identities who are celebrating the realities of their bodies in naked glory and sharing personal stories of reconciling with their bodies!

Kudos to the Radical Monarchs, an Oakland, CA-based leadership and social justice program for young girls of color, for its initiative to combat body-shaming with its #RadicalBodiesUnit! I’ve loved what they’ve shared so far to promote understanding and body positivity–especially for preteens, whose changing bodies can be the source of angst and ridicule.

In solidarity, I’m taking taking up their #AllBodiesAreGreatBodies and #LoseWeightNotHate hashtag campaigns as lead-ins for my upcoming workshop, Inviting Mindfulness: Reconciling With The Body.

(h/t: Radical Monarchs | photo credit: Rachele Cateyes)