magic of the message: a sign of love

“aum + amen”

Buddhist-me can see the dharma in all things and appreciates skillful and compassion-centered wisdom from all faiths and philosophies. So when I spotted this sign on the way to Holt Farmers Market yesterday, I knew it was a message worthy to be spread!

Although I couldn’t find an affirming statement of inclusion on the church’s website, Q-Cross at MSU has created a list of affirming churches in East Lansing.


embodied practice: reclaiming the spirit of wonder

Recall the religion you practiced as a child. Not the religion you were tutored in,
but the religion before religion, when the vast Heaven and wondrous Earth were truly one…
Can you remember what it was like to walk in the midst of a world of miracles?
Can you remember ever traveling within a world of pure delight with a joy untainted by craving or aversion?

~Frank Jude Boccio, Mindfulness Yoga