for clear-seeing: “I Am Light”| India.Arie (Lyric Video)

I am grateful to my friend + fellow teacher Ann Lapo for reminding me of this beautiful song on Saturday!  It was a timely meditation and perfect accompaniment to the first dharma discussion of our Toward Wholeness series on Inclusion, Freedom + Belonging, so we had to share it with Sangha the following day. (We actually played it twice!)

May We Love Ourselves Whole,
Embracing Sacred Shadow + Blessed Light.
May We Learn to See the Holy in the Darkness.
May We Feel Free to Shine Bright.



#mindfulness over #madness: tending to the issues in our tissues or “the grinch tries yoga”

The Grinch had a little something extra behind that exhale!
And, yes, whether a belly-deep laugh or cry,
such a release can happen as we unlock and move tension through the body.


#music for #MellowOutMonday: “Retrograde” | James Blake

…for magic + mindfulness + movement + meditation

AND, most especially, to honor mercury retrograde‘s final day of madness!