on the dharma shelf | december 2016

there are no new ideas, just new ways of giving those ideas we cherish breath and power in our own living.

~ audre lorde 

In a given season I cycle through a stack of books and frequently exchange “currently reading” snap shots with my circle of family and friends. What and when I read depends both on mood/instinct and whose voice/ideas feel most compelling. It is a discernment that inevitably leads to discovering the message I most needed to hear!  

This list comprises books that were long-ago gifted or recently rediscovered that I am re-reading(*) with fresh eyes after many years. Others were recommended or “manifested” at the right time — namely, from the juju-magick of a kiosk at my local library branch where books I don’t even know I’m looking for seem to auspiciously materialize as I pass by!

  • Sister Outsider | Audre Lorde
  • Reading the Bible Again for the First Time | Marcus J. Borg
  • The Gilda Stories* | Jewelle Gomez
  • Just Mercy: A Story of Justice + Redemption | Bryan Stevenson
  • Radical Dharma: Talking Race, Love, + Liberation | Rev. angel Kyodo williams, Lama Rod Owens, Jasmine Syedullah
  • How To Free Your Mind: Tara the Liberator* | Thubten Chodron

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