the spaces in our togetherness

It’s the second day of Spring, friends!

Under ordinary conditions,
we’d be inspired into all manner of group outings and activities.

But we’re now 7+ days into our collective practice of
social/physical distancing
to flatten the curve of this new virus,
which has demanded a change in how we connect
and created a SURGE in our virtual communications.

These digital spaces are important.

(as many of us have identified/lamented long before the pandemic)

They are also draining.

(*ahem*which is why it’s been nearly a year since I last posted
on Instagram and why I’ve limited my posts on Facebook

So, as we continue to safeguard our physical health,
I pray we are diligent about safeguarding our spiritual + mental health!

Safeguard your humor + joy.
Safeguard your hope + faith.
Safeguard your heart + mind.

It’s Spring, y’all! Things are/will be blooming!

May you rest in the energy of this season of
possibility, growth, healing, transformation
and things being made anew.

[Image Description: 5-second video of a Khalil Gibran quote from “The Prophet” that reads, “Let there be spaces in your togetherness” in white lettering on a blue background, with white arrows that fade in from the upper right corner + lower left corner to point toward the quote in the center. Credits for the content creation appear at the top in yellow lettering: +]


the unforced rhythms of grace


Immensely grateful for the experiences and learnings that steered me to wrap myself up and rest in this wisdom as I approached the new year.

Abundantly blessed by all the experiences and learnings that have unfolded since.

Clarity. Ease. Holy Listening. Awe.

These have been the gifts of aligning in the unforced rhythms of Grace.



[Image Description: Photo of Lake Michigan in winter. Bright sky with clouds, blue waves cresting against the sand. The quote reads “Learn the unforced rhythms of grace.” — Eugene Peterson, Matthew 11:29 MSG. With printed above it.]

reclaiming rest

Naps on naps on naps! In this season of soul-tending, I’ve been relishing a slower pace and a quieter schedule where I can rest in the mundane. A key part in spinning down from the fullness of activities in previous months has been to recognize and accept that everyday doesn’t have to be purposeful or productive!

Discovering the nap ministry during this period of reclaiming rest was a clear co-sign from Spirit to reset the tempo of my days.

Even if I don’t actually close my eyes, I’m enjoying the horizontal repose as often as possible.






cradle your hearts: post-election refuge, restoration + radical rest


When I woke up to the news of the election results on Wednesday morning, my heart was not at rest. I instantly wondered how I’d be able to lead you all in these restorative practices that help us tend to and mend our troubled and aching hearts. I sat in the center of that question HOW?!, knowing I couldn’t succumb to the wave of grief that wanted to pull me under and, ultimately, away from my beloved community.

After processing my feelings with others who share the commitment to create a more equitable and just world, I recognized the synchronicity of both the workshop I attended and the one I had scheduled to teach! Planned months in advance with no thought of the election, I was awed and assured that these had been divinely-arranged to provide skillful understanding, compassion, authentic connection, comfort, and a safe(r) space to explore the root causes of our collective and personal suffering.

I offer Mushim Ikeda’s words again to all who are suffering in the wake of the election. The mix of emotions and the bone-deep tension that has us asking HOW? WHY? WHAT NOW? wreaks havoc on body, heart, and mind.

With this vow, I also widen the invitation to join me this Sunday, 11/13, for refuge and restoration:

  I will re-open registration and welcome same-day enrollment.

 I will make room for more than 10 participants. Be aware that based on how the space will be used, it still only has the capacity for 15.

  I will offer a sliding scale: $5 – $20.


I am called to this “werk” to serve. It is my commitment to skillful livelihood and also the way I sustain myself financially. I also wish to make it accessible for those who would otherwise find it a hardship to pay the full student rate ($10) or general rate ($20). Those who have paid the full registration fee in advance, please know that you make it possible for me to widen the invitation to others.

  Please email me at before Sunday, so I have a              proper head count.


My anger, anxiety, disappointment, and grief continue to ebb and flow between moments of being calm and energized to take direct action. Knowing that so many others are feeling ungrounded, fragile and vulnerable, I shared The Icarus Project‘s #FindABuddy form on my Facebook pages yesterday to reach my loved ones who are coping with anxiety, fear, hopelessness, shame, guilt, and a sense of powerlessness that may also be triggering a mental health crisis.

I LOVE YOU ALL too and hope these resources offer an opening for solace to bloom for you and those you love! Take very good care of yourselves.

Icarus Project | Find A Buddy Form
3 Jewels Yoga | Conjuring Grace
adrienne maree brown | Survival Tips for Radical Empaths

words to live by | mushim patricia ikeda

Great Vow for Mindful Activists

Aware of suffering and injustice,
[tara scott], am working to create
a more just, peaceful, and sustainable world.
I promise, for the benefit of all,
to practice self-care, mindfulness, healing, and joy.
I vow to not burn out.

Burnout and self-sacrifice, the paradigm of the lone hero who takes nothing for herself and gives everything to others, injure all of us who are trying to bring the dharma into everyday lay life through communities of transformative well-being, where the exchange of self for other is re-envisioned as the care of self in service to the community. The longer we live, the healthier we are; the happier we feel, the more we can gain the experience and wisdom needed to contribute toward a collective reimagining of relationships, education, work, and play.

~Mushim Patricia Ikeda
I Vow Not To Burn Out via Lion’s Roar
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